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my first flash

2010-03-10 07:36:55 by megakill32


2010-03-04 20:42:09 by megakill32

alright so im still semi new to the art portal on newgrounds and new to the newgrounds forums not forums in general but the newgrounds ones. now i posted direct links to my uploads so what this like fear of clicking links? if theres a rule or something that i missed explaining that please dont keep me in the dark. also why do people seem to get so frustrated in the forums and insult one as if it were as easy as breathing? i mean instead of insulting and bieng angry at me id rather you not even look at my page or anything if im such an annoyance. i mean come on a click or two wont kill you. (unless it givves you a siezure or something like that.)


scout me!

2009-09-28 06:34:24 by megakill32

im into drawing and stuff but im just waiting to see if people like my work.
if so then ill be even more active then i am now on NG.
if not ill just keep my stuff to myself.
well go check the only piece of work i have.
much love mega (rawr)

how can i obtain flash?

2009-05-25 18:59:57 by megakill32

well i love flashes and always wanted to make one myself and since if been wanting to animate with flash for about 3 year thinks its damn time i find out how to obtain it so please help out a fellow animater=P